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Such another morning comes around, being greeted by the almighty Sun. Taking a step out of bed Mori put his armor for battle on first. To ensure he will not be surprised and unready for an attack. But of cours something felt wrong. As if his hat wasn't fitting right. Plus something unknown and fluffy could be felt upon his head. As he slowly walked to the bathroom to take a glance, Motochika was outside. His hands on his head. But laughing. "What is it! What is soo funny!" He snapped at the other. Finally he looked in the mirror and gasped. Little cat ears and a cat tail! But how!? Everything was normal the day before. Was the Sun cursing him for a misdeed? No that cursed Motochika! Mori ran out and jumped off his balcony to Motochika. "You bastard!!" He yelled his ring blade at hand. Motochika already had his weapon as well. Their weapons clashed. Then Mori saw the other's little demon horns. "Pffft." Mori backed off and gave a small laugh. "Thats pathetic!" He laughed on. Motochika kicked him Shukoku and went away. Mori no stayed in his room, not wanting anyone to see him.

[A group event. It was fun Rping with people in a chat like this. Pfft. Anyway who wants to Rp?]
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Mori Motonari
Weapon :Ring Blade

Element: Light

Faction: Mori Army
(My Hq is CrossoverRPx-dA)

He has a very cold demeaner. Showing no emotion at all. Exceptions of course. Coming off as a jerk is no surprise. He is smart being. Using his men as mear pawns in a chess game, so the sentence he uses; 'Pawns are ment to be sacrificed for a checkmate.' Not very social. But if you are a ruler and wants to a temporary alliance, he will talk over with some sake... After getting to know him he still acts very coldly, but he'll actually talk with you or start a conversation. A first though he won't start the conversation other then "Hi...". Cause he is just that cold like that.

Mori has short cut brown hair and a long hat on his head. His armor/uniform is very unique compared to the others in Japan. (Look at webcam...) Main color is green. Long armor sleeves, with green shirt sleeves and black gloves. And um boots... His weapon is a Ring Blade, which can split into two blades.

How could this ever happen. No the sun is my love.

<Close Friend>
May we worship the sun. Let our battles be victories. But you are still a pawn

.:My Clan:.
:icontraining-dark-ninja:Sarutobi Sasuke
Ninja of Takeda. You are a mear messenger and need to do your job, understood? Do not try and do small talk with me. Your tries will be for an bad cause. So stop trying. But know this, I need no friends. I have the Sun and that is all I need. Now good day to you...

You wish to join my Clan and I will say yes. You wish to fight with me then listen to my orders.

We have made an Alliance-
:icontry-smiling:Ieyasu Tokugawa
Such a man you pretty much grew up to be. I shouldn't count out as much. But it was something I knew from the beggining. I knew don't try and refuse. This pact shall be till I have no use for you. Good bye.

:iconzero-okumurarp:Zero Okumura
I will be the one who seeks that all the pawns are in place and are making the right moves that I set. I might as well say it is a pleasure working with you. Just keep in mind about me leaving for my land of Chukoku... That is all.

You still annoy me. But if you prove yourself then i'll reconsider.

:icona-great-leader: Motochika Chosokabe! Even saying your name makes me angry. Show me otherwise that you are not my enemy and we'll see...
(I will kill you... Um yeah...)

You are a threat to the sun and I will eliminate you off this Earth!

[Under construction! Ask to be on!]

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AskSarutobiSasuke Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Lord Motonari! You have been tagged~!!
The-DANCING-Mad Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011
" Hmm..... " Kefka cackled " I wonder what GIANT would have a RING like that " He pointed towards the other's weapon.
The-Sun-Child Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011
He gave a cold glare at the other. "No but I Lord Motonari would weild it..."
The-DANCING-Mad Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
" Don't ya think the giant would be angry? " He laughed.
The-Sun-Child Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
"I don't care if it's angry or sad or whatever emotion it has, as long as I have Nichirin I will use my ring blade to protect..." He sighed. Only one other could annoy him this bad...
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Vamp-Feli Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
He looked at the other male, blinking. He stood under a building in the shade. "Ciao~" He smiled and waved.
The-Sun-Child Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
"Hello and who might you be." Mori asked looking at the other.
Vamp-Feli Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"I'm Italy~" He giggled, forgetting to use his human name.
The-Sun-Child Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
"A country... Hmmm..." He crossed his arms and blinked. "So do you have a human name."
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    (( Okay I gotta say this wry all the big ,tough , cold and scary guys only watch little Togepi <:U ))
    Looking up with a youthful smile." Hello mister ~!" chirping his words.
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